Moving Walls Overview

Creatif are the UK's most dynamic manufacturer of moving walls - commonly known as moveable walls, operable walls, sliding folding walls and/or acoustic walls - all of which are suitable for commercial environments, sporting venues and stadia, conference facilities, schools, hotels... and anywhere else you can think of.

To learn more about our different type of moving walls, please select from the products below...

Solo - Acoustic operable moving walls

Solo 90 and Solo 110 operable walls are top hung individual panel systems, with virtually no limits on heights, stacking configurations or finish.

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ZigZag - Sliding folding walls

ZigZag is an easy to operate folding panel system offering good levels of sound attenuation.

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Linera - Straight sliding walls

A monolithic and minimalist straight sliding panel system, Linera is all about visual impact and being able to open up large spaces in seconds.

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Surf - Vinyl concertina partition

Surf is a lightweight and cost-effective moving wall, ideal for dividing space where sound transfer is not an issue.

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Skim - Lightweight straight sliding panel system

Skim is an incredibly light straight sliding panel system with endless possibilities.

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FLOAT - Mobile panels for agile working

Lightweight, sturdy and strong, FLOAT panels are as versatile as they are stunning.

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