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Straight From Source

If you’ve dealt with Creatif before (and statistically you probably have as 70% of our business comes from repeat customers) you will know we are different because we are not just middle-men.

Last year - just as the market took a dive down - we took a massive leap up and invested in designing our own systems, our own factory and our own staff.

With our in-house manufacturing capability, we are able to service your needs very efficiently and very effectively - it is true that you are as only as good as your supplier but with Creatif there is no supplier because we top the chain.

Parallel with our manufacturing setup has been pressure on prices. We calculate that a typical moving wall is 25% cheaper now than 3 years ago.

Scary? Absolutely but involve us on a project and we will show you how and why we are growing when others are struggling. (We’ll give you a clue…’s not just about price).

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