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Podd « Acoustic Wraparound Third Space »

Third Space - absolutely the best space to work in.

Third space fits somewhere between your desk and your lounge! It’s a great place to be and it’s where great work gets done.

Creatif Podds provide an innovative medium for dividing up third space to give you the acoustic comfort and visual ambiance you need to be truly productive.

Creatif Podds are unlike any other space dividing system. This programme combines visual impact and acoustic comfort in a single package.

Creatif Podds are quite simply the best solution for third space.


There’s no such thing as a standard Podd, but to make the selection process a little easier, here are our most popular configurations...






Fire Performance

The digitally printed fabric used as standard in the Creatif tensioned fabric panel system is DirectTex SoftImage
240. DirectTex SoftImage 240 is certified to DIN 4102-1 (B) which is regarded as equivalent to the following
applicable British Standards:
» BS 7176 Crib 5 - Upholstered Items
Crib 5 is regarded as the ‘gold standard’ of flammability test results for upholstered items. DirectTex SoftImage 240 is compliant to Crib 5 It may be helpful when considering fabric specification and performance to refer to the classifications set out within BS7176:
Low Hazard - Offices, colleges, museums, exhibitions, day centres, schools, public houses, hospitals
Medium Hazard - Hotel bedrooms, public buildings, restaurants, places of public entertainment

» BS476 Part 7 1987 - Vertical Panels

This test standard is used to classify a material in terms of “Spread of Flame” on vertical surfaces DirectTex SoftImage 240 is compliant to Class 1 which is deemed “low surface spread of flame”. This is the highest result achievable with the test method and represents the performance normally required for walls and ceilings.


The quality of the final printed image will only be as good as the original image supplied by you; we suggest a minimum resolution of 300dpi and artwork at least 25% of the final print size.

We can accept a wide range of Apple Mac/PC file formats including:

» Adobe PDF

Output at “High Quality Print” resolution setting with embedded fonts and scaled bleeds with no crop marks.

» Adobe InDesign CS5 & CS4
Package the document with all the required elements and the required bleed.
» Adobe Illustrator CS4 & CS4
Supply all linked images and convert fonts to outlines; please do not embed images intothe files.

EPS or Ai format.

» Adobe Photoshop CS4 & CS4
Flattened file with the required bleed. PSD, Tiff or EPS formatthe performance normally required for walls and ceilings.

If you are supplying files from another application, you must convert all text into outline format, embed any placed

images and save the file as an EPS (Encapsulated Post Script); allow a minimum 7.5mm bleed on all edges.
Please provide a low res positional proof with any artwork provided, any special fonts and Pantone references for
corporate logos. If you require assistance with designs, artwork or sourcing of library images, our studio can help.

We offer a wide selection of royalty free images plus professional creative services at highly competitive rates.


Typically Creatif installations are followed by repeat orders for either additional pods & panels or replacement skins. Please contact our sales office for assistance on procedure for measuring or to follow up from our records.
Frames can be wiped down with a soft cloth and non-abrasive spray cleaner or soapy water, or returned for powder costing if necessary.
The fabric skins can be washed in a domestic washing machine at 30º degrees C, spun and re-installed virtually straightaway.
Replacement fixings will be posted out if required.
Lifetime Warranty
Every Creatif product carries a lifetime warranty against defective manufacture. Creatif will repair or replace at our absolute discretion any failed component, irrespective of installation date, provided said component has:
» Been installed in accordance with Creatif instructions
» Not been dismantled/re-installed incorrectly
» Not been subject to unfair wear and tear
This warranty in no way implies any liability; costs in respect of consequential damages arising from negligence or misuse are expressly excluded.


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