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Tempo was inspired by the spare and linear architecture of mid-century greats including Richard Neutra and Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe.

Tempo works particularly well when used to create strong horizontal and vertical lines in conjunction with planes of glass, concrete and other brutalist materials.

The construction of Tempo Class A sound absorbent panels is tailored to mitigate sound reflection and to dramatically reduce unacceptable reverberation times.

Installation of Tempo panels is fast and simple thanks to the innovative wall and ceiling fix method. The fixing track can be specified in any RAL colour to match or contrast with the selected fabric facing panels.


Tempo panels are always supplied in sets, never as single units. An unlimited combination of colour fabrics, metal channels and panel/channel lengths can be supplied as part of the same set to visually suit any environment.
Panels can be configured to suit any design. Popular configurations are shown here:








Tempo panels can be supplied at a variety of depths and colours within the same set.

Equal Depth


Varied Depth


Our angular acoustic panel system consists of two Class A acoustic panels set into a metal channel which is fixed to both a wall and ceiling. The combination of vertical and horizontal panels is highly effective in controlling reverberation.
The metal channel component can be provided at a size of up to 5000mm with no join.
The acoustic panel component can be provided at a size of up to 2700mm with no join.
The depth of the acoustic panel component can be provided at a maximum of 500mm and a minimum of 100mm.
Tempo panels can be supplied at a variety of depths and colours within the same set.





The acoustic components for our Tempo system consist of our 40mm thick, Class A ReSound acoustic panels.



Camira Blazer Fabric

Aberdeen CUZ87

Aberlour CUZ1J

Aston CUZ02

Balliol CUZ24

Banbridge CUZ32

Bath CUZ1D

Belhaven CUZ1H

Brighton CUZ1Q

Bromsgrove CUZ35

Bryanston CUZ53

Manchester CUZ1V

Napier CUZ08

Newcastle CUZ1W

Newport CUZ1L

Nottingham CUZ1S

Butterstone CUZ83

Camphill CUZ1K

Camphill CUZ1P

City CUZ1A

Collingwood CUZ27

Dollar CUZ84

Dunhurst CUZ58

Durham CUZ14

Eastbourne CUZ46

Oriel CUZ18

Oxford CUZ09

Plymouth CUZ1R

Rockport CUZ89

Salford CUZ1G

Sheffield CUZ1T

Edge Hill CUZ90

Edinburgh CUZ1Y

Exeter CUZ1Z

Fairfield CUZ47

Glasgow CUZ1M

Glenalmond CUZ62

Goldsmith CUZ39

Handcross CUZ63

Hull CUZ1P

Silcoates CUZ30

Silverdale CUZ28

St Andrews CUZ86

St Martins CUZ1X

Starley CUZ88

Surrey CUZ1E

Imperial CUZ1B

Keil CUZ85

Keil CUZ85

Kingsmead CUZ67

Knightsbridge CUZ26

Lancaster CUZ1C

Latymer CUZ33

Loughborough CUZ2A

Magdalene CUZ21

Sussex CUZ1U

Trevelyan CUZ31

Ulster CUZ1F

Wellington CUZ13

Wesley CUZ82

Winchester CUZ12


Camira Synergy Fabric

Accord LDS60

Affinity LDS74

Affix LDS32

Alike LDS62

Amiable LDS79

Append LDS49

Apt LDS80

Assemble LDS61

Bond LDS24

Bracket LDS23

Bridge LDS26

Chain LDS19

Chemistry LDS35

Collaborate LDS68

Collective LDS39

Combo LDS77

Comply LDS52

Compose LDS72

Compound LDS25

Congregate LDS83

Contribution LDS75

Co-operate LDS40

Cordial LDS78

Couple LDS41

Engage LDS57

Family LDS58

Fate LDS07

Fellowship LDS66

Frame LDS22

Gather LDS46

Global LDS86

Group LDS59

Guild LDS63

Hook LDS29

Huddle LDS65

Integrate LDS47

Interfuse LDS48

Intertwine LDS42

Kindness LDS51

Kinship LDS56

Lateral LDS28

League LDS50

Level LDS20

Likeness LDS82

Linea LDS37

Loop LDS18

Marry LDS43

Medley LDS36

Mix LDS17

Mutual LDS84

Open LDS71

Order LDS64

Pact LDS53

Pair LDS31

Partner LDS16

Process LDS88

Regard LDS54

Relate LDS44

Seek LDS27

Serendipity LDS08

Share LDS85

Similar LDS81

Success LDS76

Summon LDS45

Support LDS55

Sync LDS69

Tag LDS33

Team LDS21

Together LDS70

Unity LDS38

Values LDS87

Venture LDS05

Warmth LDS67

Wed LDS34

Work LDS73


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