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Linera « Straight Sliding Doors »

The essence of Linera is simplicity.

A monolithic and minimalist straight sliding panel system, Linera is all about visual impact and being able to open up large spaces in seconds… Linera is exceptionally easy to operate.

If necessary, Linera can be acoustic too – using the same profiles and mechanical seal system as our Solo product means Linera can give you up to Rw 40dB.


TP with Pelmet

Single Point 

SP with Pelmet

Twin Point

Standard Panel

Floor Seal

Fixed Jamb

Config A
Single Pocket Stack

Config B
Single Pocket Stack

Config C
Single Wall Stack


Acoustic rating dB (Rw) 47 > 53
Panel thickness
Weight KG/M2 47KG
Max. height 5000mm*
Max. panel width 1220mm
Panel construction
Aluminium (inc. steel over 3m)
Operable seal Manual
Panel construction Aluminium frame + fabric with silicone bead
Track system Aluminium TP + TP
Tolerance height MM -/+ 5mm
Tolerance width MM -/+ 10mm








Natural Lancster Oak

Light Grey



Fabric - Various Colours

Printed Fabric

Other colours available on request


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