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New Solo Moving Walls Brochure

We're excited to share our latest Solo brochure with you, featuring a variety of new finishes.

Download: Click here

Solo is the ultimate in terms of acoustic integrity, achieving the very highest possible sound ratings.

Both our Twin Point and Single Point systems glide along a recessed or surface mounted ceiling track, leaving the floor free of any track or obstruction.

Complex track layouts can be specified for unlimited room configuration options, and an almost unlimited plethora of finishes provides endless design opportunities. Available in manual and semi-auto electrically operated versions.

Expanding Jamb

Single Point

TP with Pelmet

E-Basic Panel

Twin Point

Standard Panel

Floor Seal

Fixed Jamb

SP with Pelmet

Config A

Stacking Config E
Twin-point, H-park Split

Config B
Twin-point, H-park

Config F
Split Offset Track

Config C
Twin-point Offset Stack

Config D
Twin-point, Linear Stack


  110 125 Fabric Wrap Semi Auto
Acoustic rating dB (Rw) 44 > 53 55 > 57 47 > 57 55 > 57
Panel thickness
110mm 125mm varies varies
Weight KG/M2 47KG 64KG varies varies
Max. height 5000mm* 5000mm* 5000mm* 4000mm*
Max. panel width 1220mm 1220mm 1220mm 1220mm
Panel construction
Aluminium (inc. steel over 3m)
Aluminium (inc. steel over 3m)
Aluminium (inc. steel over 3m)
Aluminium (inc. steel over 3m)
Operable seal Manual Manual Manual Semi auto
Panel construction MFC - 18mm MFC - 25mm MDF - 15mm + fabric varies
Track system Aluminium SP + TP Aluminium SP + TP Aluminium SP + TP Aluminium SP + TP
Tolerance height MM -/+ 5mm -/+ 5mm -/+ 5mm -/+ 5mm
Tolerance width MM -/+ 10mm -/+ 10mm -/+ 10mm -/+ 10mm


*Anything over 3750mm must be Twin-point

Standard Finishes

(110 / 125)

(110 / 125)

(110 / 125)

*Number in brackets represent system availability

(110 / 125)

(110 / 125)

Natural Lancaster Oak
(110 / 125)

Light Grey
(110 / 125)

(110 / 125)

(110 / 125)

Fabric - Various Colours
(110 / 125)

Printed Fabric
(110 / 125)

Other colours available on request
(110 / 125)

Fabric Finishes


Blazer Lite
View Options

View Options

View Options

View Options

Main Line Flax
View Options

View Options

View Options

View Options

View Options


Canvas 2
View Options

Remix 2
View Options

Clara 2
View Options

Steelcut Trio 3
View Options

Divina 3
View Options

Memory 2
View Options


Other Finish Types Available:


» Magnetic
» Drywipe
» Pinnable
» Printed board
» Veneer
» Chalk
» Mesh
» Glass

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