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Bluecoat Academy

A school with a reputation for quality learning needs a moving wall. So where does the contractor go? It goes to a company with a reputation for quality moving walls.
A respected school has to ensure that it’s buildings and fittings always support the perception of quality that it has built up over many years. That’s why the main contractor felt comfortable using Solo moving walls from Creatif.

The brief was clear: a large auditorium needed a central movable dividing wall to enable a reduction in size in minutes. The wall must have high acoustic integrity, yet be simple and quick to open/close. The Solo semi-automatic moving wall met these requirements, and more.

Being designed, manufactured, and fitted by Creatif meant that quality standards were guaranteed at every step.

The second issue was the excess unwanted noise. An environment with hard shiny surfaces and no ceiling is a great combination for creating excessive reverberated sound, not great for enhancing acoustic comfort. The solution was the addition of Creatif’s acoustic ceiling rafts - Class A sound absorbers, these rafts took away unwanted noise and created acoustic ambience.

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