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Special-Projects / Bradford-YMCA

Bradford YMCA, Bradford

At the heart of what Creatif do is providing good, honest, simple moving walls. In this instance four good, honest, simple moving walls were all that was needed to meet the criteria at the new YMCA Culture Fusion state-of-the-art youth centre in the heart of the City of Bradford.

One of the prime considerations, though, was the heavy usage these walls were going to be subjected to; longevity was a must. With that in mind, Solo 110 was the obvious choice. With its aluminium frame and welded steel internals, the Solo 110 panels are guaranteed to perform for many years to come.

Each panel utilised magnetic vertical profiles to ensure fool-proof and guaranteed panel closure. The use of inset pass-doors provided maximum flexibility into and out of the rooms, and effective stacking solutions ensured neat and tidy panel storage and maximum use of the space when open.


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