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Special-Projects / Bullens-Healthcare

Bullens Healthcare, Liverpool

Just before the 2012 Christmas shut-down we received a purchase order for a moving wall. There were a few issues… No structural support, a special walnut finish, integrated joinery and a January completion date.
Our sales, production and installation teams worked together closely to accelerate the whole process. The factory commenced manufacture of steel goalpost, track and panels immediately – using stock components – and were ready when the non-standard walnut boards arrived at our factory ready cut, lipped and polished. Our unique panel design enabled the boards to be slid into the pre-prepared frames as soon as cleared by quality control.

Meantime, on site, another issue presented itself. The goalpost had been sized to penetrate the raised access floor but the main contractor did not have labour available to adapt the floor pans. This is where the value of having our own skilled, directly employed labour really showed up – we were able to take on this extra task without the flow of work being interrupted.

Our element of the works was completed by Friday 18th January 2013. Allowing for the Christmas shutdown, we completed this whole project for a very relieved main contractor in an incredible 18 working days!

Creatif moving walls… Speed and performance in one!


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