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Grosvenor House, Sheffield - A Unique System For A Unique Workspace

Grosvenor House is the northern headquarters of one of the UK’s biggest financial institutions. The building, completed in 2019, is also part of the ‘Heart of the City II’ development, which aims to transform Sheffield’s city centre into a world-class hub for office, retail and leisure space.

Tenanted by a well-known global bank, the building’s design was painstakingly considered and the end result is a workspace fit for a world-class workforce.

During the early stages of Grosvenor House’s multi-million-point fit out - drawn up by AXIS Architecture and fit out by Styles & Wood - Creatif was asked to create a bespoke, flexible partition.

Located on the top floor, nearby some formal meeting areas and a large, open plan canteen, the space that needed to be divided was to serve multiple purposes.

This meant that a simple, standardised solution wasn’t going to cut it.

The partition had to be easy-to-use and suitable for creating both formal and informal areas suitable for different activities. It needed to have something for everyone, we were told – and it had to fit in with the site’s world-class design scheme.

That wasn’t all either…

To further complicate the brief, there was a series of structural supports that couldn’t be moved, meaning the system had to fit around pre-existing pillars and solid partitions. Not to mention other design features, such as a series of sliding, industrial-style wooden doors.

After working with both the architects and the main designers, and really honing in to what the bank required, we went away and created a unique Float system.

Spread across three sets of tracks and featuring a mixture of OSB, laminate, acoustic and drywipe panels, the finished system can be used to create different zones, depending on the needs of those using it.

For instance, it can be used to create acoustic dividers to aid speech privacy, or configured to help enable collaborative working in a semi-open meeting and conference area. Alternatively, it can just be just to close off spaces for formal meetings.

This multifunctional approach to space division not only fits in with Styles & Wood’s design it also allows staff to customise and use the vast area as they wish.

A perfect and unique workspace deserves a similarly perfect and unique system. This Float install is just that.

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