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Homelet, Lincoln

The whole point of this workplace was that the staff should be relaxed and able to perform at their peak throughout the working day. An enlightened employer and an inspirational design set a staff restaurant and games areas at the very heart of the building so that personnel from every department and echelon could mingle, interact or simply recharge.
Of course this brought challenges too. Some people appreciate a vibrant area while others want to retreat to smaller more intimate spaces. The Creatif Solo movable wall system provided the solution. The panels are centrally suspended on a single trolley to enable them to be locked in a variety of positions thus screening one area from another while still retaining openness. For example one or two panels can be opened up to create a walkthrough or panels can be rotated through 90 degrees and locked in position to create a subtle and attractive divide between different zones.

Of course, there is still the option of having the panels fully retracted or locked in place to visually and acoustically separate the space into separate rooms.

The Head of Facilities for Homelet says:
“One of the aims of the design for the shared areas was to maximize our meeting space, provide as much flexibility as possible and ensure that the final solution was a high quality finish and in keeping with the bright, fresh and modern look we have achieved.
We are absolutely thrilled with the result… Here’s what we all love about the walls:
» They are a really high quality finish
» They are guaranteed for 10 years
» They provide great soundproofing
» They look stunning – so many of our staff and visitors have commented on them
» They give us so many options for our space management
» They are simple to use

» Your team have been great at installation and in post installation checkups”.


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