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Medica Group, Hastings

The Medica Group is a leading independent provider of radiology reports and works closely with the NHS to securely send critical medical scans from one location to another.

In 2019 the company approached fit out specialists Trevor Blake to refurbish its headquarters in the historic coastal town of Hastings, and we were brought in to lend a hand.

The office’s layout is predominantly open plan, with rows of fixed desks to form the main working area.

However, this meant that speech privacy and audibility could well be comprised, especially in busy periods of the day.

There was a clear need for some static third spaces within this area, to provide Medica’s staff with a quiet place to go to conduct meetings, collaborate on projects, working privately or even just relax.

The solution was an obvious one and came in the form of Cube, our market-leading acoustic booths.

For the fit out, we provided a total of five Cubes all designed and manufactured to the same high standard. Each Cube was tech-enabled due to the addition of a television screen and a data point, featured integrated strip lighting, and came with our Class A-rated ReSound panels for an acoustically secure interior.

The Cubes were placed in strategic locations throughout the office to provide different teams and personnel with a private space of their own nearby.

The introduction of the Cubes during the refurbishment has been met with a positive response, with staff delighted at their inclusion within the design scheme and the functionality they provide.

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