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Newcastle University

Newcastle University needed a moving wall to divide a large open space. And they also needed to reduce reverberation (echo) within that space.
And what they really wanted was something visually mind-blowing.
Of course, the way to get what you need and what you want is to call in the Creatif consultants.
And Creatif had the answer with Solo with our Acoustic aRT finish - a brilliant combination of art, acoustics, and a moving wall in one revolutionary product.

The designation aRT stands for acoustic reverberation time, but for the University it simply meant that they could have any artwork of their choice - right across the moving wall.

The result is astonishing. And no less astonishing is the reduction in reverberation time in the space on both sides of that wall. This is covered by a fabric facing material suitable for full colour printing to absolutely any design.

And being a Creatif Solo product, it operates smoothly and dependably - every time.


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