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PKF Littlejohn, London - Aesthetics & Acoustics

A jaw-dropping ceiling display dominates PKF’s open plan entrance hall, reception and breakout space, creating a lasting first impression that showcases the best of both acoustic and aesthetic design.

Based in the financial centre of the capital, Canary Wharf, PKF Littlejohn provides a full range of financial services to large-scale clients in London and the South East.

Requiring a contemporary working environment to better suit the needs of their staff, they turned to workplace design experts Maris to redesign their fifth-floor space.

Featuring an entrance hall, reception and breakout space, this zone had to perform multiple different functions and would be a constant hive of activity. As a result, there was a very real threat that reverberation and noise transfer could completely ruin the entire area. However, the team at Maris were one-step ahead and had designed an eye-catching ceiling layout that married acoustics and aesthetics.

The plans called for ceiling space of nearly 210m2 to be covered with a mixture of ReSound ceiling baffles and rafts that, together, would create an eye-catching first impression whilst ensuring the space sounds as good as it looks.

With a clear proposal in mind, they approached us and asked if we’d be able to turn their plans into a reality. We said yes, of course.

All of the baffles were individually cut in our in-house factory to a 150mm depth, with joins where necessary, and painted pure white to contrast the stark decor of the reception walkway.

These were then installed in a sprawling chevron formation that flowed from the entrance hallway and guided people through the reception and into the office’s wider breakout space.

Within that breakout space, we punctuated the series of baffles with several suspended rafts. Installed above key communal areas, with the contrast of raft and panel helping to draw people’s attention to the designated social zones comprising of lounge seating and high desks.

The result is a truly spectacular space that highlights how acoustic design can be used to create both an audial and visual statement. It’s also a testament to the precision and capabilities of the workplace solutions that we provide

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Photos: Maris


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