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STS, Leeds - Bringing the Outside In

STS is best known for its marketing-leading product, NoMorePly, the fastest growing brand of fibre cement board in the UK.

After relocating its head office to a new site in Leeds and with refurbishment underway, STS approached Creatif to address two main issues within the space. Firstly, there was excessive reverberation within the building’s open plan sales office.

With up to six people talking on the phone at once, it proved to be hard for staff (and customers at the other end of the line!) to focus on their conversation. This is a problem we see all too often.

Thankfully, the solution is a simple one; absorbent acoustic panels - in this instance, our 3D tiles.

3D acoustic wall and ceiling tiles offer Class A absorption due to the addition of acoustic foam (made from recycled PET fibres) applied to the reverse of each tile as standard.

With the sales office taken care of, Creatif was also asked to create secluded meeting and study areas within another open plan part of the building.

The manufacture and installation of two Cube acoustic meeting booths fit the bill perfectly. These offered STS’ staff a secluded space for group collaboration or a quiet place for concentrating on important tasks.

This is all thanks to Cube’s ultra-effective acoustic panels that soak up unwanted background noise and create a great space for work.

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