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TabCorp, The Shard

TabCorp, an integrated gambling and entertainment company, and global media company News Corp, set up a joint adventure to break into the online gambling market in the UK.
To support this venture they needed a brand new workspace for their 30 existing employees and for future expansion. The key requirement was to attract and retain talented staff, encourage collaboration across teams, and provide flexible working options.
Creatif assisted Area in creating flexible meeting spaces with the design and installation of Domino moving walls, combined with a Solo solid panel moving wall to create flexible segregation inside the meeting rooms. The Domino moving walls were applied to the elevation of the meeting rooms, finished in a combination of yellow glass and black laminate panels, with integrated pass-doors and black powder-coated frames. This meant the Domino had the appearance of a fixed wall, at same time as providing ability to open and close the meeting rooms to the central office area.
Around the central town hall space, there was a need for a sliding panel system that provided a surface to write on to assist in collaborative working. Creatif utilised Float. Black head track was suspended below the ceiling (designed as a feature) supporting the white writeable sliding glass panels that had integrated stoppers enabling them to be fixed at any point around the town hall space.
Area said: “Selecting a 7,000 sq ft space next door to News Corp’s office within The Shard, Tabcorp’s new workspace needed to accommodate their existing 30-people workforce, whilst also allowing for future expansion. The key requirements were to create a workplace that attracts and retains talented staff, encourages collaboration across teams, and provides flexible working options.
With no requirement for client-facing facilities, Tabcorp’s new workspace has been exclusively designed for their staff. Upon entering the space, employees are welcomed into a central collaboration area and tea point. This has been designed to encourage and aid communication and provides a number of working opportunities. Additionally, all fixed desks have been located along the window perimeter to ensure every employee has a great view of the City of London.
This project is an example of efficiently utilising the available space. The floorplate space planning is designed to maximise flexibility using moveable walls, screens and a flexible furniture solution. All have been installed to ensure the space can be used for informal catch-ups, town hall meetings, as well as eating and entertainment space.”.


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