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Being one of the UK’s largest phone, broadband and TV providers, TalkTalk is a brand that needs no introduction.
Agreeing to take 106,000 sq ft of the landmark MediaCityUK development Soapworks on a 15-year lease makes it the largest deal this year in Greater Manchester for speculative office space, and one of the UK’s biggest speculative developments outside of London.
TalkTalk’s impressive new digs are now the working base for over 1,300 staff.
Tasked with meeting the needs and requirements for all of those hard workers was Claremont, along with our help...
Put simply, more people means more noise. More noise equals more reverberation. More reverberation requires effective reverb control.
Creatif implemented a number of acoustic solutions to address the issue of excessive reverberation in the form of our semi-rigid acoustic panels - Whisper - in both the vast open-plan call-handling floors and also within several meeting spaces.
The ground floor contains a large open-plan cafeteria, and is home to several of our gliding Skim panels.
Finished with changeable printed fabric which displays stunning photography of the surrounding areas, the panels help absorb sound in an area full of hard, sound-reflective surfaces, whilst also offering space flexibility.
Another key part of the brief was to provide space flexibility in several locations, the first of which being teleconfrencing and meeting areas on each floor.
Float - our agile moving panels - allow staff to quickly configure closed-off collaberation spaces. A combination of chalkboard and drywipe finishes help to further enable agile working.
Finally, Creatif were tasked with seperating two meeting rooms with an acoustic operable wall.
Our Solo system is the ultimate in terms of acoustic integrity, achieving the very highest possible sound ratings. It effectivley splits one large space into two smaller spaces, whilst addressing the issue of noise transfer between the two.


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