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Aberdein Considine, Stirling - Acoustic aRT
Aberdein Considine, Stirling - Acoustic aRT
Aberdein Considine, Stirling - Acoustic aRT
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Aberdein Considine, Stirling - A Monument to Good Acoustics

As Scotland's biggest estate and leasing agent, Aberdein Considine are well aware of the importance of making first impressions count.

When the Aberdeen-based company made the decision to renovate their Stirling branch, they approached Space and Solutions to oversee the project.

Knowing about our history in acoustics, we were approached to ensure that the branch's boardroom looked and sounded impressive.

To make that happen, we supplied a large, Acoustic aRT panel, complete with artwork of the National Wallace Monument, one of Stirling’s most historic - and famous - landmarks.

Once installed, the Acoustic aRT panel not only captured people’s attention, it helped reduce reverberation as well.


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